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The JJ Herbal Tea Story

Teas from An Island known for its
Natural Herbs

JJ Herbs and Things is a natural tea company that was created to serve the natural tea needs of people that surrounds us. We got the idea to distribute Organic Natural Herbal Teas imported from Jamaica in an effort to preserve the tradition of having teas the Jamaican way. The quality of the products reflect the natural elements in which natural herbal teas work for giving peace of mind. We have also included personalized items such as teacups that are here to represent the way you want to have your tea. My way of giving the world a piece of Jamaica that is not shown too often. 

This website gives me an opportunity to distribute these natural teas, personalized cups and other items that will contribute to your peace of mind setup. It will also provide a safe place for you my customers shopping my products. For this opportunity I'm thankful!

It's important for you to have the best for your body. All herbal products sold on my website are organic, natural and imported. Every day inadvertently we shift from consuming the natural products that our physical body consist of and need. More and more we consume synthesized products, that are usually mostly for profiting companies that don't care about side effects and/or longterm changes to our body's natural genetic makeup.


This is my way of echoing the need for natural supplements that enables our bodies to operate at optimum levels, fighting off diseases and mal-nutrition. For this reason, we are presenting our organic, natural herbal teas for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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